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ATENA Didaktik

ATENA Didaktik

ATENA Didaktik is a Swedish digital journal about technology and science education. It is intended for teachers in school and preschool, school leaders, researchers, and others interested in how teaching can be developed by basing it on educational research and professional experience. ATENA Didaktik is published by the Swedish National Centre for Science and Technology Education (NATDID).

The journal publishes contributions from educational practice as well as from research, in an effort to provlde an avenue for dialogue and exchange between researchers and practitioners.

Editorial board

ATENA Didaktik has two editors at NATDID, and a national editorial advisory board mainly composed of researchers in science and technology education. The ambition is to include researchers as well as practitioners in the editorial advisory board.


Gunnar Höst, main editor,  Linköping University
Andreas Larsson, director NATDID, Linköping University
Torodd Lunde, deputy editor, Karlstad University

Editorial advisory board

  • Karolina Broman, senior lecturer, Umeå University
  • Susanne Engström, associate professor, Royal Institute of Technology and Centre for School Technology Education
  • Niklas Gericke, professor, Karlstad University
  • Lena Hansson, associate professor, Kristianstad University
  • Konrad Schönborn, senior lecturer, Linköping University and lic-FontD

Review policy

ATENA Didaktik subjects all contributions to an editorial review to ensure clarity and relevance. However, the journal's communication of research is focused on dissemination of findings from scholarly publications. Hence, since the journal does not aim to publish original findings, the published articles are not formally peer-reviewed.

Open access policy

ATENA Didaktik is an Open Access journal with no publication fee. The contents of the journal are published free of charge for authors, and can be accessed free of charge by readers. ATENA Didiaktik use the Creative Commons CC-BY license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).

It is allowed to publish journal articles for self-archiving on institutional repositories, social media and other sites. However it is preferred to use the published version (PDF-file) even it is allowed to use the post-print version.